Discover beautiful food, that is free from refined suger, gluten and dairy with meal plans ready to go, to make life easier!

This eBook is filled with interesting nutritional facts, and recipes that will infuse more nutrients into every meal.

In the following chapters we share yoga philosophy for a calmer, more enlightened life. We've created yoga sequenes that are easy to follow, with video links for extra instruction!

Learn meditation, and understand how to bring the mind into balance with an indepth chapter on learning to meditate, with samples of meditations to find your preferred style. 

The final chapters provide recipes for self-care, self-massage, eco living, and growing your own food. 

Find the right natural body oils to suit your skin type, and make a body balm with our simple, and nourishing recipe base!


A life bible, that we live by. 


We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!


Kate & Lulu 





Savoure the Moment