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Savoure the Moment 

Australian x French Modern Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free,

Refined Sugar Free Cuisine. 

180 pages

42 Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

12 Yoga videos

Easy & nourishing recipes with meal planners.

Yoga philosophy & how to create your home yoga practice with printable sequences and video links. 

Learn to meditate, with detailed information on how to keep the mind from distractions, and find stillness in this busy world, with printable meditation practices. 

Eco living and permaculture gardening ideas.


Self-care practices, essential oil blends, and body balm recipe to nourish your skin. 

Nutritional information and healthy tips on better health, including tips on cutting out sugar, getting enough protein and iron, plus many other articles to improve your health and energy.  

Clean up your diet, mind and movement with this informative guide on living in balance with good health! 

Savoure : French for enjoy, savour, relish. 

the Moment : L'instant présent d’un moment pour prendre le temps tout simplement.

Title reflects the essence of its creators, French (Lulu) & Australian (Kate). 

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Savoure the Moment

Savoure the Moment

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Savoure the Moment 


Yoga sequences to help you tone up and improve flexibility. Sequences that you can print out, and watch the YouTube video links for extra instruction. 

Recipes that are free from gluten, dairy, meat & soy, that the whole family can enjoy.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, to keep you feeling vibrant all day long. 

With printable meal planners to make life easier, and nutritional info to keep you well-informed. 

Meditation for everyone! Learn techniques to tame the busiest of minds. From how to sit, how to breathe, to how to stay awake... this chapter on meditation will uncover ways to find inner peace, and teach you how to develop an enjoyable, and sustainable meditation practice. 

Self- Care practices for your body, hair, skin and mind. We share with you how to self-massage, and how to take care of your skin at every age will minimal, nourishing oils and clay. Make this beautiful, simple body balm with our recipe for yourself and for a thoughtful gift. 

Made with love by two souls who love beautiful food, mindful movement, and sharing these gifts with you.

Lulu & Kate are both yoga teachers, recipe developers, and passionate about spreading the message of vibrant health to others. 

Food is medicine, movement is healing, meditation lifts you up among the clouds.

Come on a healing journey with us. 


Savoure the Moment

Savoure the Moment

$19.80Regular Price$11.90Sale Price

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